Doctor, Did You Just Ask Me For A "Stool Sample"?!


Stool sample collection doesn't have to be messy or tedious. If your doctor asks for a stool sample, ask for Simple Sample.

Simple Sample - Stool Collection and Disbursement System

If your doctor asks you for a stool sample, they probably have a good reason.

Stool samples provide one of the most comprehensive diagnostic "pictures" for clinicians to diagnose and treat gut-related complaints. If you are having gastrointestinal distress or prolonged abdominal pain, it is imperative that you collect and submit a stool sample for analysis.


However, the current stool collection process is a messy, dignity-sapping ordeal. Patients are forced to use tongue depressors (aka popsicle sticks) and a plastic bucket called a "toilet hat" to collect and distribute stool samples into a variety of tubes and containers. As diagnostic technologies have evolved, many tests -such as bio-assay tests- require patients to distribute an increasing number of smaller sample sizes. This increased handling not only makes the process more unpleasant for the patient but also exposes the samples to contaminants that could interfere with tests results.

Stool Collection - Evolved

  • Integrated collection system reduces the need for patient handling
  • The sealed collection bag helps protect the specimen from contamination
  • Increased Compliance = Improved Outcomes

Less Awful For Patients

  • Intuitive design and instructions
  • Integrated collection system reduces the need for patient handling
  • A unique, resealable nozzle makes it easy to distribute small sample sizes into specimen containers and bio-assay tubes.


Why Simple Sample? The Video

Lets face it, collecting a stool sample just sucks; there's really no other way to describe it. Current collection methods such as the "toilet hat" are archaic, messy and awful for patients. George Catlin, Inventor of Simple Sample discusses his inspiration for designing a more patient friendly and clinically sound stool collection device. 

Clinicians who order stool tests will appreciate the improved patient compliance and diagnostics labs will benefit from increased test volumes. A WIN for all!

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